How to Apply

Applying for a place with the East Herts School Direct Partnership, which includes Tring, is straight forward. Essentially, you will need to do three things:

  1. Complete a Universities and Colleges Application Service (UCAS) application online.
  2. Contact the partnership to inform them of your application at
  3. Contact the schools within the partnership you are interested in working with.

School Direct (salaried and fee paying) places for September 2016 will be open to applications from the 27th October 2015.

Please click here to be re-directed to the UCAS Teacher Training application website.

You apply for a School Direct place through UCAS, which has a search engine to help you find suitable vacancies. To find the East Herts Partnership, which includes Tring, please search for the ‘East Herts School Direct Partnership’ or Goffs School post code, which is ‘EN7 5QW’.

If you are interested in one of our training places, we would also like you to contact the partnership at You will need to complete an additional application form in addition to the UCAS application. Please email us letting us know what vacancies you are interested in, as well as which schools you would like to apply to.

It may also be worth contacting the schools you are interested in so that they are aware you have applied. You can find contact details by clicking here.

You can apply to up to three training programmes on your UCAS Teacher Training application. You don’t have to use all three but if you do, you have to make them at the same time – you can’t add them at a later date.

Please note that the National College for Teaching and Leadership (NCTL) — part of the Department for Education (DfE) — is responsible for managing the allocation of teacher training places in England. For 2016 entry, NCTL will not be allocating a specific number of training places to individual training providers, which includes our partnership. Instead, we will be able to recruit as many trainees as we feel we need, until the NCTL advises a sufficient number of trainee teachers have been recruited overall.

Training providers, such as the East Herts School Direct Partnership, will recruit suitable trainees on a first-come, first-served basis until NCTL advises us that we can no longer recruit. Once training programmes have been filled, we will remove our vacancies from the UCAS search tool as well as this website.